In networking, sales, marketing, alliances and really all forms of business, one of the major mistakes is the belief that people will “give” you the referral, sale, connection, help, etc. without anything in return.  The reason we are under this kind of impression is because most of us can only think about one person and unfortunately that person is usually themselves.  This is why most people struggle in their business.

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They just don't have the money!

A dangerous concept to accept!

Ever heard that from a new prospect after your sales pitch [or some would say when I educated the client]?

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True Competitor is Disposable Income


Well, how is that possible? When a family or family member makes a decision about purchasing a new car, new home, or even a vacation, their money is spent. They really don’t have the cash or credit to purchase more. As I was training my team, it was our job to challenge the value of these purchases against our products and services.

I would say, “Can you image what a wonderful time you will have at Disney World for that one entire week!” The family would be excited.

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